The Art Style of Riders of Icarus

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Riders of Icarus, the new MMO put out by Nexon, is a whirlwind of adventure filled with fantasy, cool mounts, and magic spells. I've heard about this game in the past, and jumped on the opportunity to play it when the game was made available. However, I must inform you that this article is not a review, but rather a brief first impression. I played the first part of the game to get an overall feel of how it might be, and that's what my opinions are based on.

First things first, I want to talk about the art style. I really pay attention to how pretty a game is, and how many options I have when it comes to customizing my character, making it look as real as possible. Luckily with Icarus, that was exactly the case. The customization was insane.

I had a million and one choices when it came to facial structure, hairstyle, body weight, and so much more. Not only were there a lot of options, but there were really prestige customization bars that let you alter your character's face 100% to make it unique, instead of one of the premade alternatives.

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